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Pocket Tours was setup to help enable Leisure and Tourism based; small and medium businesses to use technology that could be out of reach for many reasons.
We have spent many hours talking to small and medium business owners; the biggest issues we found were cost and time associated with implementation.

We found many small businesses didn’t know where to start when it came time to online booking systems. Many just go to the popular/well known brands;,, VRBO, Airbnb, Tripadvisor. Looking at they recommend 76 Connectivity partners who will help property owners and managers with the task of listings and bookings.
This is all well and good, however the rates that are charged between all the required elements (not including any potential package upgrades) could be up to 30% of the rental payment plus monthly service fees starting from (approx)  £21(GBP) / $36 (USD).

How can Pocket Tours help?

The Founder of Pocket Tours; Mark Jackson, alongside; Diana Kenny, Operations Director and Jonathan Young, Technical Director; are of the consensus businesses shouldn’t need to invest in expensive systems just to operate in a competitive market with potentially tight operating margins; did someone mention the effects of COVID-19…
Working together with the NBSL we helped Tithe Barn Cottages move from £40/m plus a 20% fee on their bookings to a much more affordable £10/m plus a 1.4%-2.9%+20p (Stripe) merchant processing fee, we estimate the savings, based on a 70% occupancy to be in the region of £17,000 per annum



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Perfect for Cottages, Bed & Breakfast, Guest Houses and Small Hotels.
For larger Hotels and Multiple Locations, please see the Multiple Location Membership.

Multiple Location booking sites; this is a bespoke service that is designed to offer the simplest solutions for your location management.
Contact us to discuss your needs.

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We have created some demonstrations for you to look though.
We can customise many aspects of the pages as part of a custom/bespoke build.

Showcase your accommodation types; enable your customers to view the spaces they can stay with you.
Give your customers the information they need to book with confidence.

Let customers see the services you offer; from small touches that are included with a stay, or bespoke packages some may desire. 

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